What is the Zi Collection?

This is our upgraded collection of unforgettably show-stopping and irresistibly iconic necklaces that sell for $25 each.  The Zi Collection is a unique line of exclusive statement pieces designed to dazzle.  These bold, exaggerated designs emphasize familiar characteristics that have shaped the original Paparazzi Collections and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. 

Each year, the Paparazzi Founders reveal the Zi Collection at the annual Paparazzi Convention.  There are 20 Zi pieces released every year and ten of which is the highly coveted.  These 10 pieces are known as the Signature Series where the top 10 consultants each year earn a necklace and have it named after them, forever immortalizing their accomplishments.  This is why one of the Founders, Misty Kirby, always says the Zi collection is the "Bling of ALL Bling" and you will be the envy of all those that see you wearing this collection.

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