Possible California Proposition 65e Warning:

Paparazzi Accessories claimed to be lead & nickel free for the past 10 years; however, they have since changed their website to state they are only compliant with California Proposition 65. Recent independent lab results have been released stating some jewelry has higher than compliant levels of what should be in consumer products for lead, arsenic and cadmium. These results also showed that nickel was present in the majority of the pieces that were tested. We are unaware of the effects of these results and, therefore, caution you to purchase at your own discretion. We cannot confirm or deny these results since Paparazzi Accessories has yet to respond to our emails. As such, Eager Bling Slingers LLC is not responsible for any issues this information may cause. Please contact Paparazzi Accessories for further information regarding their heavy metal compliance with California Proposition 65 @ 1-855-697-2727.